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3 June 2015, 10:42



Late last night, Bill Gothard’s personal website,, launched a complete redesign with new content. Included in this new content was a statement by Bill Gothard in which he attempts to address some of the issues that we have raised on our site over the past four years. Additionally, there is an entire page dedicated to personal testimonies about Bill.

Shortly after the site was published, it was pulled down and the former version of the website put back in place. However, we can confirm that the content of the new statement was in fact written by Gothard, as we have received copies of it from other sources. While our website has been relatively quiet concerning the activities and “reconciliation attempts” of Bill Gothard in the past year, we hope to shed some light on these things in coming weeks.

One thing that we would like to briefly address is the accusation posted that we “blocked” a story of someone who wished to support Bill Gothard. Our policy from day one has been to never block a dissenting viewpoint unless it is abusive, profane, or consistently unkind. In the case of Helen, her story came in the form of a comment on one of our articles. This comment was approved and remains on our site until this day. It can be viewed here.

The following are the screenshots from the new website. Each image can be clicked on for a full-size version that is easier to read.


Home Page


A New Statement



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