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Circumcision and Victory Over Sin

18 November 2011, 06:00



I went to my first Basic Seminar when I was 12. My family enrolled in The Advanced Training Institute (ATI) three years later. It was about seven years after that when I began having serious problems with the teachings of Bill Gothard. Oddly enough, my doubting started because of the Institute’s teaching on circumcision. I […]

The Phony “Consequences” of Rock Music

14 November 2011, 06:00



One the foundational tenets of Bill Gothard’s teachings is the idea that one’s level of spiritual maturity is directly connected to the number of commitments one makes to God. On the website description of the IBLP publication “Seventeen Basic Commitments” is found this statement: “Spiritual maturity is related to the number of Scriptural commitments that […]

Spiritual Gifts

11 November 2011, 06:00



In the Advanced Training Institute (ATI), your spiritual gift often became part of your identity. “I am a mercy,” or “I am a prophet,” became commonplace statements which people used to identify and explain themselves. I still vividly remember encountering Mr. Gothard’s teachings on spiritual gifts in the Advanced Seminar. I really latched onto this […]

Promises, Promises…

4 November 2011, 06:00



How Do I Stop? Which one of us does not want to stop mistreating our families? Which one of us does not want to stop “raising our voices” at our children or spouse? To stop allowing our eyes to wander and our hearts to lust? The list could go on.Who wants to say, “No, actually, […]

A Tale of Two Abigails: Part Two

28 October 2011, 06:00



This is the second of two articles examining the biblical character, Abigail. To quickly summarize the first article (found here), Abigail was a hero. Her quick thinking and action saved lives. David praised God for using her to save him and others from needless pain. From the Pages of Scripture This article looks at Bill […]

Adoption: The Ultimate Act of Grace

14 October 2011, 06:00



What do the following characters have in common?  Luke Skywalker… Harry Potter… Tarzan… Mowgli… Superman… Batman… Jane Eyre… Bambi… Oliver Twist… Buddy the Elf… Kung Fu Panda… Anne of Green Gables… Moses…. Answer: They’re all—in various senses of the word—adopted. Granted, some of these adoptive situations worked out better than others, and it’s admittedly better […]

A Tale of Two Abigails

7 October 2011, 08:57



The first Abigail is a wise and beautiful hero, an inspiration to women and men everywhere. Her quick thinking, deliberate action, and diplomatic speech saved many lives. We meet this Abigail in a delightful story told in 1 Samuel 15. Sadly, many of us raised under the Institute in Basic Life Principles and ATI’s teachings […]

Standards that Divide Believers

23 September 2011, 06:00



Ask any church leader who has come into contact with Gothard followers, and far too often you will hear about stories of divisions caused within churches, rather than people who are known for their love or unity. Many instances of division can be traced directly back to the teachings of Bill Gothard through the Institute […]

Judging 101

16 September 2011, 06:00



I sat in the middle seat of the wood-grained station wagon, peering over the blue leather seats ahead of me, trying to get the best view I could out of the front windshield. I was on mission with my family to complete an ATI homeschool assignment for that day: “As a family, drive to a […]

Rhemas: Hidden Wisdom in Scripture?

9 September 2011, 06:00



A common critique of Mr. Gothard is how he handles interpretation of Scripture. One major aspect of his interpretational methods can be found in his teachings on rhemas. But do his teachings on rhemas even have a sound basis in Scripture? For your enjoyment I offer the following quiz. 1. T/F: All words in Scripture […]