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Gracenotes: Sexual Abuse Wrap-Up

1 May 2012, 06:00



Dear Recovering Grace Readers, This month has been a sobering one for Recovering Grace. While we are aware that many of these stories have been difficult to read, we absolutely believe that they needed to be told. Based on the overwhelming traffic to our site this month, we believe that they have had an inestimable impact in […]

A “New” Approach to Easter

13 April 2012, 06:00



On Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012, Bill Gothard sent out a mass email to his followers. It was entitled, “Let’s Celebrate Easter…by Doing the Impossible!” You can view a screenshot of the entire email here. In the email, Gothard writes about how the 49 “commands of Christ” can be applied to the “seven stresses” of […]

A Response to Bill Gothard

30 January 2012, 06:00



The year 2011 was an interesting chapter in the legacy of Bill Gothard, the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), and the Advanced Training Institute (ATI). Through what we believe is the hand of God at work, many of those who were raised under Gothard’s teachings began to reach out to–and compare notes with–others who […]


15 July 2011, 12:00



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