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One of the major problems with the teachings of Bill Gothard is that they are deeply intertwined with aspects of scripture that are indeed truth. Those who have experienced years or decades under such teaching often need the kind of help that can only come through discussing and sharing with others who have had similar experiences. Harnessing the power of facebook, Recovering Grace has three Spiritual Recovery groups: one for former ATI parents and one for former ATI students, and one for all others affected by the teachings of IBYC/IBLP. The purpose of the groups is to provide a safe place for people to discuss and work through issues related to life inside and outside ATI/IBLP.

If you are/were a student raised under IBLP/ATI teachings, this group is for you: ATI Student Recovery Group
If you are/were a parent who used the teachings of IBLP/ATI with your children, this group is for you: ATI Parent Recovery Group
If you are/were alumni or anyone who has been exposed to or brought up with the teachings of IBYC/IBLP in your church, family, or homeschool association, but did not go on to become involved with the ATI program, this group is for you: IBYC/IBLP Recovery Group 
PLEASE NOTE: Facebook, for privacy/security purposes, doesn’t allow individuals to send private messages to a person not on one’s friend list. Therefore, our welcome/screening messages will arrive as a “Message Request” (check your private messages and then select “message requests”). These screening messages will typically be sent within a day or so after your request to join the group.




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