The GOTHARD Files: A Case for Disqualification

3 February 2014, 00:11


The Recovering Grace website has been running a series of articles about the life and ministry of Bill Gothard. Guiding our release of this information is one singular resolution that we hope will put an end to multiple forms of emotional, spiritual, and sexual abuse being perpetrated:

Whereas Bill Gothard has exhibited a 40-year pattern of moral failure, abuse of spiritual authority, and mishandling of Scripture, and is therefore disqualified from Christian ministry according to Titus 1 and I Timothy 3, we believe that the only biblical course of action is for Bill Gothard to step down from all ministry and leadership positions, publicly repent of the above sins, and exhibit fruit in keeping with repentance (Matt. 3:8).

This page contains an organized archive of the articles in this series, and will be updated with the release of each new article in the series.

Series Overview:

•  Gracenote–The GOTHARD files: A Case for Disqualification. February 3, 2014.

•  The GOTHARD Files: Corresponding with Bill. February 4, 2014.

•  Questions from the Mailbag. February 19, 2014.

•  Bill Gothard Placed on Administrative Leave. February 27, 2014.

•  Recovering Grace’s Response to IBLP Board Action. March 5, 2014.

•  Today Is Our Day of Prayer. March 6, 2014.

•  Bill Gothard Resigns from IBLP Presidency. March 6, 2014.

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct:

•  Exploited Innocence: Sexual Harassment at HQ (Lizzie’s Story). April 20, 2012.

•  Another Witness: Sexual Harassment at HQ (Annette’s Story). May 9, 2012.

•  Third Witness: Sexual Harassment at Headquarters (Grace’s Story). April 8, 2013.

•  Sacred Grooming: A Secretary’s Account of Life With Bill Gothard (Meg’s Story). January 20, 2014.

•  Charlotte’s Story & Two Witnesses for Charlotte. February 5, 2014

•  Ruth’s Story. February 12, 2014.

•  Rachel’s Story. February 17, 2014.

•  Marcus’s Story: Touching the Invisible Electric Fence. February 17, 2014.

•  Gothard’s Process: Invite, Idealize, Isolate, Transgress, Rewrite. February 18, 2014.

•  Chronology of Ruth, Annette, Charlotte, Meg, Rachel, Lizzie, and Grace. February 18, 2014.

•  Defrauding: What does it mean? February 27, 2014.

The Scandal of 1980:

•  Introduction: the Sleeping Giant. February 12, 2014.

•  The GOTHARD Files: The Early Years, 1965–79. February 11, 2014.

•  The GOTHARD Files: The Scandal, 1980. February 20, 2014.

•  The GOTHARD Files: Scandal Chronology, 1971–1981. February 21, 2014.

•  The GOTHARD Files: The Basic Problem. February 24, 2014

•  The GOTHARD Files: 1983 Transcript. February 26, 2014.

•  The GOTHARD Files: Failure to Reconcile, 1981–ATI, part I. March 7, 2014.

•  The GOTHARD Files: Failure to Reconcile, 1981–ATI, part II. March 7, 2014.

Abuse of Scripture and Spiritual Authority:

•  Silencing the Lambs: Discrediting the Truth. February 15, 2014

•  Silencing the Lambs: Taking Up Offenses. February 22, 2014.

•  Silencing the Lambs: Twisting Matthew 18. March 3, 2014.

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