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Micah Kohler is the third of eleven children in a home-educating family. His family enrolled in ATI when he was eight. After graduating, Micah joined the technical support staff of IBLP’s internet filtering provider, CharacterLink. He later transferred to the computer support department at IBLP headquarters. Somehow, in a life defined by religious observances, Micah missed ever really knowing God personally. A CharacterLink coworker led him to just such a relationship, and Micah eagerly shared the experience with others. He met resistance from some authorities, and was dismissed by Bill Gothard for asking overly perceptive questions. Micah returned home, finished his MCSE certification, and embarked on a career in IT/IS. He also returned to motorsports, now competitively — but his fifth year of 'snowcross' racing was abruptly halted by a serious freak knee injury. Sidelined while surgery and physical therapy rebuilt his body, he ventured into the abuse recovery program of Open Hearts Ministries, and started finding healing for the deep wounds he was carrying in his heart. His family had appeared a “model home,” but he could finally acknowledge its dark side: harshness, fear, his parents’ emotional collapse, his and his siblings’ self-destructive behaviors. Today, Micah finds peace and hope in the reality of grace. He's married to a former ATI student and lives in Houston, Texas, where he's providing care and a second chance to troubled teen boys at a Christian foster home.

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