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Christin S. was homeschooled beginning at age 5. Her family joined the Advanced Training Institute in 1986. Christin attended her first Basic Seminar at 12 years old and immediately began volunteering at various Institute sponsored events. She attended the Youth Counseling Seminar in Indianapolis in 1993 and then stayed on at the Indianapolis Training Center as a volunteer for 2 more months. Christin was a team leader in multiple Children's Institutes around Texas and at the Knoxville Family Conference. She also worked in the Character First! pilot program in Oklahoma City as well as implementing a start up Character First! program in her home town after-school centers. After completing 1 year of the TELOS college program, Christin moved on to beginning her formal education at her local community college before getting married at age 22. After getting married Christin and her husband had 2 children and settled in central Texas where she completed her degree in Health and Kinesiology. She is currently on staff at her home church as a Children's Ministry Elementary Coordinator. She writes and organizes curriculum and lessons for teaching children practical application of God's word in their everyday life utilizing large group dramatic Bible Stories, skits, worship, and games. As a mom, she loves spending time with her family playing outside and indoor games and just hanging out.

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