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Issues of Concern—Bill Gothard and the Bible (1984)

2 September 2013, 05:00



A Report by Ronald B. Allen, Th.D. Professor of Hebrew Scripture Western Baptist Seminary, Portland, Oregon May 30, 1984 The week that I spent at Basic Youth Conflicts in 1973 (Portland) was one of the most difficult of my life. In this seminar I was regularly assaulted by a misuse of the Bible, particularly of […]

Adoption: The Ultimate Act of Grace

14 October 2011, 06:00



What do the following characters have in common?  Luke Skywalker… Harry Potter… Tarzan… Mowgli… Superman… Batman… Jane Eyre… Bambi… Oliver Twist… Buddy the Elf… Kung Fu Panda… Anne of Green Gables… Moses…. Answer: They’re all—in various senses of the word—adopted. Granted, some of these adoptive situations worked out better than others, and it’s admittedly better […]