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Broken Glass

19 September 2011, 07:00

Wendy B


As I am going through this process of recognizing and healing from the effects of growing up with IBLP/ATI,  I find that daily life can often draw parallels to what I am feeling internally. I was washing a window in my kitchen today and realized that one of them is broken. It is pointless to […]

My ITC Prison Sentence, Part 2

15 September 2011, 06:15



The Indianapolis Training Center (ITC) was gearing up for Thanksgiving and none of us in the training programs were allowed to leave. It was only a four-day weekend, after all.  But this policy was causing serious morale issues. Especially since it wasn’t applied universally: the cosmetology instructor was one of those who was allowed to […]


14 September 2011, 06:30



LIVING HOLY. Why? Toward what end? By what motivation? For what purpose? My boys are still at that age where they eagerly “pick flowers for mommy” whenever they come across a patch of dandelions. Like many men stuck in the practicality of things, to my husband, they are clearly weeds. =) But to countless mommies […]

Disillusioned, Not Equipped, Part 2

1 September 2011, 06:15



I wanted out! I wanted to go home! I had lost hope and trust in leadership. When I brought them a problem they said it was somehow because of some sin I had committed, or one that my parents had committed. I was tired of the judgment. I prayed fervently that God would take my […]

Disillusioned, Not Equipped, part 1

30 August 2011, 06:15



photo courtesy of Ophelia Cherry

I was excited. Through the EQUIP program of the Advanced Training Institute (ATI), I was going to be used by God to reach one of the juvenile delinquent young women for Christ and help her improve her life. It would be someone who did not have the benefit of godly parents, as I did. Someone […]

Christian Karma

19 August 2011, 04:00



Merriam-Webster’s dictionary states karma as: The force generated by a person’s actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person’s next existence. Eastern religions teach that once we die, we re-enter the cycle of life in a different form. If someone performs good deeds on earth […]

My Childhood in ATI, part 1

13 July 2011, 08:00



What I share in this story is something that I have never shared with anyone in its entirety except my wife. Some of you will know bits and pieces of this story, and some of you will recognize yourselves in it. I am not going to share names of friends and associates in the ATI […]