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Bill’s Cabin: Uncovering Sin

21 May 2014, 09:00



Bill Gothard's cabin and surrounding area, 2014

  The Northwoods Setting The Northwoods began as a Gothard family retreat and was repurposed and expanded for ministry use as the ministry grew flush with cash. Steve Gothard’s cabin was built in 1973. The first (smaller) lodge was built in 1974, and the Big Lodge was built in 1976. As noted in other articles, […]

Our Response to Bill Gothard’s Statement

22 April 2014, 10:30



Bill Gothard released a long-awaited public statement last Thursday evening, April 17, 2014, regarding his resignation from the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP). We at Recovering Grace have spent several days processing this statement and considering our response. We see several positive aspects to this letter. Gothard generally acknowledges that the Christian life is […]

Recovering Grace Interviewed on Christian Talk Radio

17 March 2014, 18:37



Two members of Recovering Grace’s Leadership Team were interviewed today on “Issues, Etc,” a Christian talk radio show that aired in the midwest. In the 40-minute interview, Dr. John Cornish and Mrs. Kari Underwood share some of their personal history growing up in the Institute in Basic Life Principles, the formation of Recovering Grace, and […]

Dr. Tim Levendusky named new Interim President of IBLP

14 March 2014, 15:07



Tim Levendusky, PhD, has been named the new Interim President of IBLP/ATI. IBLP released the following statement today on their website: “As the Institute goes through a transition, it is important to have a leadership team that can review the past, evaluate the present, and plan for the future. To help in this transition, the Board […]

Bill Gothard Resigns from IBLP Presidency

6 March 2014, 21:53



On March 6, 2014, Administrative Director David Waller communicated via email to ATI families that Mr. Gothard has “resigned as president of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, its Board of Directors, and its affiliated entities.” Mr. Waller indicated the board’s desire to appoint interim leadership, and named Chris Hogan as one who “will play […]

Ruth’s Story

12 February 2014, 06:00

Larne G


As the jet taxied away from the terminal that winter day in 1970, the parents tearfully waving off their teenage daughter never imagined how many years would pass before she truly returned. She was embarking on a journey that would last nearly a decade, and when it was over no one would ever be able […]


10 May 2012, 06:00