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“Rocky” Arguments and a Double Standard

3 October 2013, 06:00



  Many people over the years have expressed concern with the way Bill Gothard misuses Scripture—not to mention basic logic—in his attempts to validate his dogmatic pseudo-spiritual requirements for “successful” living. A friend of mine recently shared a document (pictured) obtained while attending an IBLP (Institute in Basic Life Principles) conference on effective communication. In […]

Free to Worship!

3 September 2012, 09:30



Listening to a CD of praise and worship songs as I worked in my kitchen one morning, I found my heart rejoicing in Jesus and my body dancing in joy and worship to Him. The CD I was listening to was an old one that a friend recently gave me with popular worship songs from […]

Created to Worship

29 August 2011, 06:00



My family joined the Advanced Training Institute (ATI) when I was four years old. We were one of the first year “pilot” families. We attended the Basic and Advanced Seminars as we had time, or when they were close. We were consistently involved in the homeschooling program, as well as Character First!, TELOS, and other […]