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Liz grew up constantly hearing the principles of IBLP and attended her first basic seminar at age 12. She attended at least one basic seminar each year, and the occasional Advanced Seminar throughout her teen years. Her family was accepted into ATI when she was 14. In her later teens, Liz began participating in some of ATI's apprenticeship programs and eventually landed at the Riverfront Character Inn (RCI) in Flint, Michigan, where she worked for three years. Liz broke with IBLP in 2006, when she left the RCI to help her mother and younger siblings flee from an increasingly hostile home situation and to help support them as they began life in the real world. Since leaving, she reconnected with a friend from her time working for IBLP, and they fell in love and were married in 2009. Liz is now a full-time stay-at-home wife and mother. When she's not busy with her daughter, she loves to cook, spend time with friends, and work on creative projects. She dreams of one day having a successful Etsy shop.

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