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A Real-Life Lesson

15 November 2011, 05:52



Candles are an essential part in making rooms homey. A room that is going to be your home for a year (or more) needs atmosphere and ambiance, and candles can help to fulfill that need. Some time ago, two girls shared a room in a certain tall building in the central part of the Mitten […]

A Look at Life at the Riverfront Character Inn

8 November 2011, 05:30



Life at the Riverfront Character Inn (RCI) was not exactly like life at the other training centers run by the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) and its home school branch, the Advanced Training Institute (ATI). But there were many similarities. One of the things that set the RCI apart from other training centers was […]

Minor Hazards of Fuel Stops

26 July 2011, 00:15



gas pump

I spent three years working at the Riverfront Character Inn in a variety of positions. When I compare my training center experiences to those of friends and other students whom I have talked to, I believe that mine was one of the better ones. God used my time there to grow me and stretch me […]

Children Leading Children

24 July 2011, 20:00



Sometimes I wonder if those who were in charge at the various training centers really thought about what they were doing when they put young people “in charge” of other young people. I know that age does not always matter when it comes to authority and respect, but it can sometimes be very important. There […]