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Bev was raised in a Christian family that embraced many of the teachings of Bill Gothard. Her family joined the Advanced Training Institute in 1989, and she spent her teen years pursuing various ministry opportunities through the Institute, including three months in Moscow and one year at the Indianapolis Training Center (ITC). During her last few months at the ITC, Bev began experiencing a "Grace Awakening," and her eyes became opened to her own search for significance with God through the faulty path of legalism and works. When she left the ITC at the age of 19, she began her journey of re-discovering God through grace, and deprogramming much of what she had learned about God and the Bible through the Institute's ministry---things both taught and caught. Bev has a BA in Humanities, and has worked with two International missions organizations and a Christian college. She is married to Kevin, a Presbyterian (PCA) pastor and Recovering Grace writer, and they live in North Carolina with their three kids and golden retriever.

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