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The Trouble with Bubbles

8 August 2013, 06:00



“Have you ever seen a bubble? They’re simple things to see. And if they’re not in trouble, they’re round as they can be. But if you try to change their shape to make them tall or make them flat, there soon won’t be a bubble where the troubled bubble’s at. It really doesn’t matter if […]

Barbwired Heart

15 October 2011, 04:10



I was reading the “Living as God Designed” post on Recovering Grace and started crying (something I almost never do). Here’s the part where the dam burst: “Just as the deer glorifies God by being swift and agile, the elephant glorifies God by being strong and loyal, the flower glorifies God by being beautiful and […]

Living as God Designed

26 September 2011, 06:00



“One, I am One of a Kind”… Even by simple observation of nature we see that every created thing does just what it was created to do. Trees, animals, stars, tides. Everything follows its design. Only the rebel creatures do things that are “against nature” such as cancer cells. It is not right. But then […]