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The Grace Relationship

3 June 2013, 06:00



The parables of Jesus are so well-known that we often forget their message. Take, for example, the story of the prodigal son. The primary application is the welcome the father gives to wayward son when he is ready to return home. We rejoice to see the forgiving love of the father. But there is another […]

Vow vs. Relationship

1 December 2011, 06:31



I was saved at the age of 5. I remember where I was and the basic content of the conversation with my dad that led up to me accepting the gift of eternal life. Over the next 8 years, I don’t remember many specifics about my life as a Christian. I do remember a hunger […]

Who Is God? . . . a Follow-Up

17 September 2011, 01:00



I hadn’t planned to do a “follow-up” on this topic. But over the past few days, my thoughts keep returning to it. Through the years as I’ve interacted with other former students of the Advanced Training Institute, I’ve seen most of them go through a phase of what would seem to be spiritual shutdown. We […]