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Wendy Griffin Anderson is a single mother of two teenage sons. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, she earned a baccalaureate degree in English from Lambuth College in 1991. She attended her first Basic Seminar at the age of 13, and went on to attend both the Basic and Advanced Seminars numerous times. Her family joined ATIA in 1992, using it as part of the homeschool curriculum for her two younger brothers. After graduating from college, Ms. Anderson spent two years working for a Christian radio station in Memphis. She attended a counseling seminar at ATIA's Indianapolis Training Center in November 1993 and joined the publications staff at IBLP Headquarters in January 1994. She returned home in January 1996 to prepare for her June wedding. Increasingly disillusioned with IBLP’s teachings, her final break from IBLP and ATIA came in early 1997. She divorced in 2001 and has since worked in various fields and positions. Since 2004, she has served as administrative assistant to the principals of a Memphis-area real estate firm. While she has a wide range of interests and activities, her first love is books and writing. She currently freelances as an editor, writer, and graphic designer while running a multi-page blog and dreaming of publishing a best-seller.

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