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Discovering the Heart of the Father

8 August 2011, 11:00



  I don’t remember too many of the details of when I got saved at three years old. My guess is that my mom had been explaining to me about God and Jesus dying that He wanted to live in my heart. I do remember mom and dad being there, that I had received a […]

Gracenotes: Are We Bitter?

7 August 2011, 16:25



Hello everyone! We are so excited to hear story after story of how God is using our website to bring healing and hope to those affected by Bill Gothard, IBLP, and ATI. Not a day goes by that we don’t receive an email or comment sharing with us how God is working in people’s lives. […]

Questioning God

6 August 2011, 02:11



God, I know the Bible says you are good. But I need to experience it for myself! God, if you are good, show me! This was my prayer over eight years ago. After working at the Institute in Basic Life Principles headquarters office for four years, I was preparing to return home. I didn’t know […]

When the Gospel Becomes No Gospel At All

5 August 2011, 06:00



The word “gospel” means “good news.” But at some point, the Apostle Paul says, this good news can be turned on its head to become worthless, bad news. When Paul wrote to the church of Galatia, he was angered by the fact that some false teachers (often referred to by biblical scholars as “Judaizers”[1]) were […]

The Chosen Few?

4 August 2011, 06:00



“You are the cream of the crop. The Marines on the front lines…” These were words we heard often working for Bill Gothard at the Institute in Basic Life Principles. Two months ago I made a comment to a friend that while I was sure of my salvation, I felt like I was no longer […]

Emotional Purity and Courtship -A Conclusion

3 August 2011, 06:00



My heart is pretty full right now. When I posted my article on this subject, I had no idea it would go where it did. And the stories just keep pouring in! For some of you, it was just nice to know that you aren’t alone in your struggles. For others, it confirmed what you’ve […]


2 August 2011, 15:00



Church is always an emotional landmine for me. I enter the sanctuary, wary and on guard. Fearful the smallest, most innocuous phrase will bring tears to my eyes and block my voice. Things most Christians take for granted and don’t give a second thought, send me over the edge. Certain events often bring on inappropriate emotional […]

Forced Instability

2 August 2011, 00:15



I spent two full years working at the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) headquarters, living in housing provided by IBLP. Unlike many of the students, this was not my first time living away from home. I had lived in the dorms during my four years of college, so the lifestyle accommodations required by campus […]

Circumcision, Blue Jeans, & Cabbage Patch Kids: The Danger of Bill Gothard’s “Jesus+” Theology

1 August 2011, 06:00




The Apostle Paul always seemed to know his audience. In writing to the Galatians, he challenged the way in which they were over-selling the law and under-selling the Gospel — a move that paved the way for rampant legalism. Meanwhile in Corinth, Paul was faced with the other end of the spectrum, an under-appreciation for […]

Gracenotes: the first week

31 July 2011, 16:20



Greetings, everyone. It’s been an exciting week as we launched the website just over eight days ago. We here on the leadership team of RG are really praying that this site would make a difference in hearts and minds. We thought we’d take a moment to share with you  some statistics as well as some […]