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A Difficult Journey

17 April 2012, 06:00



“I want to die, I want to die! I can’t take it anymore!!” I remember screaming that as loud as I could in the middle of the woods while punching a tree until my fists bled and I slumped down on the ground from exhaustion. I was 10 years old and felt so hopeless I […]

My Year as an LIT

7 March 2012, 06:48



At the age of 15, I had already been heavily enslaved to a serious eating disorder for five years. According to my psychologist/counselor at the time, the eating disorder was accompanied by Borderline Personality Disorder and clinical depression. He prescribed three different medications that gave me headaches and made me more irritable–they didn’t really solve any […]

The Aftermath of ATI and its Aversion to Higher Education: Part 2

29 February 2012, 06:00



This article continues a two-part series as students share the long-term effects of ATI’s teaching against college.         College was evil in my family. My parents have changed their views on this now, but still don’t put a huge emphasis on the importance of a degree. So now, I have 3 siblings […]

The Aftermath of ATI and its Aversion to Higher Education: Part 1

27 February 2012, 06:00



In the early days of ATI (Advanced Training Institute), families with a student in college were denied enrollment. While the official policy changed early on in the program, the philosophy of discouraging higher education continues to this day. The reasons given are varied, but the bottom line is clear: Students frequently were not encouraged or […]

Sensitivity vs. Callousness

24 January 2012, 06:00



Callousness Sometimes Won The leadership at Advanced Training Institute (ATI) training centers could be incredibly insensitive in dealing with personal tragedies and misfortunes. Especially if those situations affected, in any way, the performance of one’s duties at the training center. Sometimes, just the fear that leadership would misunderstand or react insensitively to a situation could […]

Life Unexpected

5 December 2011, 06:00



Having been raised for 13 years in the Advanced Training Institute (ATI) home school program I was confident of a successful marriage. I followed the formula. I waited for God’s Best. I saved my first kiss until after engagement (though I’m sure I should have saved it for the wedding day). I had my parents’ […]

Dear Dad and Mom

7 November 2011, 06:00



  As many of you are aware,  Recovering Grace was born from the hearts of children, now adults, raised using Bill Gothard’s home-school program, The Advanced Training Institute (ATI). We reached adulthood and realized that life was not what we were told…that there are not seven steps to health, wealth and general prosperity. That no […]

Courtship Covenants

20 October 2011, 06:35



    What is a Courtship Covenant? A young girl walks down the aisle of a crowded church. She’s wearing a lovely white dress, and the pastor and her father are waiting up at the front… is she about to be married?  No, she is making a public commitment to courtship in this very wedding-like […]

A Look at Family Relationships

7 September 2011, 06:30



An idea came to mind as I read posts on here about the difficulty of interacting with parents, and of spouses having to help unpack the past. My wife and I did an intimacy study, and one of the steps that many couples had difficulty with was the tension created when we mapped out our […]