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I Kissed Courtship Goodbye!

13 February 2012, 06:00



When I was in my early 20’s I spent about 13 months working at an ACE school in Mexico. It so happened that one of my brother’s friends, a guy I had met previously at the IBLP (Institute in Basic Life Principles) Dallas Training Center, lived there as well. His family would frequently have me […]

In The Hands Of Jesus

14 December 2011, 06:00



Isaiah 49:16 See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; Your walls are continually before Me. With Christmas just ahead of me and the teachings of the Institute of Basic Life Principles behind me, one reoccurring thought whirling around in my head lately comes straight from the book of Isaiah: I’ve been […]

The Little Things

30 November 2011, 06:30



I’ve been pondering quite a bit lately about how many “little” things were missed throughout the publications and teachings of the Institute in Basic Life Principles. I’m dumbfounded when I read a passage from the Bible that was well-known from my Advanced Training Institute studies, and realize that I know almost nothing about what the […]

Quiverfull or “Full of It?'”

9 November 2011, 06:00



These days, the Duggars are the most well known family to have participated in the Advanced Training Institute (ATI). For those not familiar with ATI or the Quiverfull movement, the prospect of a family having 19 (going on 20) children is just mind boggling. Yet for those of us who grew up in ATI, having […]

Letter From a Friend

5 November 2011, 05:00



I know you have been through some rough times recently. Your family does not understand why you have done what you have done. Most of your friends are probably avoiding you. But deep inside, you know you did the right thing by leaving. You can no longer be a slave to other people’s opinions–opinions that […]

Missing the Beat

3 November 2011, 06:04



One day several years ago while doing some spring-cleaning, my wife and I stumbled across the personal journals we’d each kept while on staff at the Indianapolis Training Center. For the uninitiated, journal keeping is touted as a very important discipline within ATI/IBLP (Advanced Training Institute and Institute in Basic Life Principles) ranks, right after […]

Failing Formulas

2 November 2011, 06:30



For 23 years I lived with the understanding that there is a formula for everything: “If you do A-B-C, the result will be X-Y-Z.” If I followed the steps of 1-2-3, I’d have a successful education. If I do exactly these things, my marriage will be perfect. If I operate by a specific code of […]

Identity Theft

27 October 2011, 12:01



When my mom and I were talking the other day she mentioned they had recently taken steps to prevent identity theft. Her words keep coming to my mind, but not in the sense that most people think of. I got to thinking about my own identity. I don’t really fear identity theft. What I fear […]

Eliza’s Journey

26 October 2011, 23:06



I wish that I could tell you the whole story of how God rescued me and healed me, but that would take at least ten posts. I will say this: it was personal, intimate, and totally tailored to where I was each step of the way. God kept bringing the right friend, the right book, […]


14 September 2011, 06:30



LIVING HOLY. Why? Toward what end? By what motivation? For what purpose? My boys are still at that age where they eagerly “pick flowers for mommy” whenever they come across a patch of dandelions. Like many men stuck in the practicality of things, to my husband, they are clearly weeds. =) But to countless mommies […]